What are parenting values?

Parenting values are a set of beliefs which provide a foundation for parenting. They can guide everything you do. Some may be based on your ethical views – such as “it is wrong to smack a child”, for example. Others may concern what you feel is best for your child, or for you as a family, such as “it’s really important to talk to each other as a family”.

If you have strong parenting values, you will be consistent and clear. Your child will feel more secure and contained. Furthermore, he will be much more likely to have strong values of his own, thanks to your guidance. In this article you can read about my view that this is likely to lead to better psychological wellbeing.

A psychologist’s parenting values

A psychologist’s parenting values develop through raising their own children, and through years of experience in working with families in distress. When my colleagues and I wrote our parenting book, Brighter Futures, we incorporated our strong values and beliefs about parenting.  We hope that hearing about psychologists’ parenting values will be helpful to you in understanding our approach. Read the linked articles below to hear about these….enjoy!

  1. Nurturing is hugely important to wellbeing. This  incorporates love, warmth, respect and a strong bond of attachment with at least one adult.
  2. Small changes can have a big impact.
  3. Sometimes it’s the environment which needs to change, not the child.
  4. Problems are normal, and great for a child’s development.
  5. Balance is essential in parenting.
  6. Children must be allowed to take risks.
  7. It is important to understand brains and how we have evolved.


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